How to Pin Folders to Start Menu in Windows 10

1. From the folder’s right-click menu

  • Open the Start menu in Windows 10.

  • Find the folder you want to pin to the Start menu.

  • Right click on the folder.

  • Left click or tap on the “Pin to Start menu” feature.

  • You should now have that specific folder in the Start menu.

2. Drag the folder

  • Left click and hold on the folder you wish to pin to the Start menu.

  • Drag the folder while holding the left click pressed all the way to the “Start” button.

  • Wait for a “Pin to Start menu” message to pop up.

  • Release the left click in order to place that folder in the Start menu.

  • Now left click or tap on the “Start” button and you will see that the folder is present in the menu.


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