Repair Windows startup to 0x0000000E stop error

Go to the Startup Repair screen.

  • With a Windows installation media
    1. If you have a Windows 10 installation media (USB or disk), insert it and power on your computer.
    2. Hit Next, and on the Windows Setup screen, select the Repair your computer link at the bottom of the page.
    3. On the Advanced Startup environment, select Troubleshoot.
    4. Next, click on Advanced options.
    5. Finally, on the Advanced options page, select Startup Repair.
    6. Without a Windows installation media
      1. If you don’t have the Windows installation media, simply power on the computer and follow the steps below.
      2. Wait for the Windows logo to appear on your PC screen. Immediately it shows, press your computer Power button.
      3. Next, turn on the computer again and repeat step 2. Do this two more times.
      4. On the third try, the system will boot into the Advanced Startup screen.
      5. Finally, click on Startup Repair.

In Startup Repair, choose an account.

    1. Next, enter your password and hit Continue.

    At this point, if the 0x0000000E issue is not a problem from your booting, Windows will tell you that Start Repair couldn’t repair your PC.

    If you get that message, then continue with this solution. Otherwise, reboot your computer to see if the 0x0000000E problem is solved.


Should the above instructions did not resolve the issue, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can further assist you. You can always reach us out through our support channels below:

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