How can I quickly fix mouse jumps issues

1. Check for hardware issues

First of all, you need to check if there isn’t a hardware problem involved. Maybe you’ve already tried this, but it’s the first thing that you should verify. So, connect your mouse to a different computer, if available.

Also, if you connect your mouse through a faulty USB port, try to use another USB socket and see if from there the problem still persists.

If everything works as it should, then there’s nothing wrong with the actual mouse; of course, otherwise, just replace the mouse, and the problem is solved.

In the same line with the hardware issue, this problem can be also caused by electrical interference. You can try unplugging all the USB devices from the PC and reconnecting them.

However, if you come to the conclusion that the mouse itself is responsible for this problem, check our list with the best PC mice that you can get right now.

2. Adjust touchpad delay time and disable touchpad

3.1 Adjust touchpad delay time

  1. Press Win+I hotkeys on your computer.
  2. This will bring System Settings; from there click on Devices
  3. Next, select Mouse & touchpad tab.
  4. Pick Touchpad from the next window.
  5. Change the delay time by using the dropdown menu.
  6. Set the delay to different values and test your mouse; if the random jump disappears it means you just found the right fix for your problem.


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