What to do if the Nvidia Graphics Card GPU is not detected in Windows?

  1. Install The Latest Nvidia Driver

    • Open the Windows Settings App.

    • Click on the Apps section.

    • Select the NVIDIA driver software you want to remove, then click on Uninstall.

    • Follow the subsequent on-screen instructions to finish the uninstallation process.

    • Note that if your NVIDIA isn’t showing up on your Device Manager then click on View and select the Show hidden devices option. 

    • Here the devices that are not connected to your computer will be shown. Uninstall the Nvidia GPU driver.

    • After removing all related NVIDIA drivers, visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver software.

    • Be sure to select the Fresh Install option when you start installing the latest downloaded Graphics driver.

    • Restart your computer for the new changes to take effect.

  2. Check If The Graphics Card(Nvidia) Is Enabled

    • Open the Device Manager of your computer. Press Windows Key + X and select the Device Manager option. Or enter “devmgmt.msc” into the Run dialog box and click on the Ok option.

    • Expand the Display adapters option. 

    • Right-click on your NVIDIA Graphics Card and select Properties.

    • Go to the Driver tab. If you find the Enable option then you can be sure that your NVIDIA Graphics card is disabled.

    • Click on the Enable option and restart your computer.

  3. Check If The Discrete GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) Is Enabled In BIOS

    • First, restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup. Press F2 or Delete repeatedly when your computer starts the booting process.

    • Navigate to Chipset, then search for dGPU Configuration.

    • Select the dGPU function and set its status to Enabled.

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