How to Solve Windows Cannot be Installed On this Disk Error

This solution is not universally applicable. Why? That's because not all computers have the firmware with both UEFI and BIOS-compatible. Although most of the desktops and laptops running Windows 10 have UEFI-based motherboard with legacy BIOS-compatibility mode, there are some expectations. Older computers running Windows 7 only support legacy BIOS mode and the latest Surface Pro allows only UEFI mode.

When you receive "Windows Cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style", it suggests that your computer is currently booted in legacy BIOS. To boot to UEFI, you need to check whether the firmware supports UEFI in BIOS and then change to it if the mode is available.

Step 1. Completely shut down your computer.

Step 2. Power on the system. Once you see the logo appears, press the BIOS key, be it Esc, Delete, F1, F2, F10, F11, or F12, to enter BIOS. (Generally, the computer screen will show you what the BIOS key is.)

Step 3. Use the arrow key to select and enter the "Boot" tab.

Step 4. Use the down arrow to select UEFI.

Step 5. Save the changes and exit BIOS.

Step 6. Continue Windows installation.

If there is no UEFI mode available, it means that your computer only allows for BIOS mode. In such a situation, you can only change GPT to MBR to fix the "Windows cannot be installed to this disk" error.


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