How to make text larger in Microsoft Edge

To enlarge a single web page in Microsoft Edge, select Settings and more  and then choose Zoom in Zoom out , or Full screen .

Or use the following keyboard shortcuts:

Press this

To do this

  Ctrl plus sign (+)

Zoom in by 25%

  Ctrl minus sign (-)

Zoom out by 25%

 Ctrl zero (0)

Reset zoom level to default

  Ctrl Scroll wheel up

Zoom in

  Ctrl + Scroll wheel down

Zoom out


Switch between full screen and exit full screen

To set the default zoom level for all websites in Microsoft Edge, go to Settings and more  > Settings  > Accessibility  and select the desired zoom level from the drop-down menu under Page zoom.

Easily manage zoom levels for specific sites by selecting Zoom levels.

Microsoft Edge menu setting to adjust page zoom.

You can also enlarge text in Windows. Changes you make here will apply to most of the text on your device.

  • In Windows 11, select Start   > Settings   > Accessibility  > Text size. Drag the slider until the sample text is easy to read, then select Apply.

  • In Windows 10, select Start   > Settings   > Ease of access  > Display Make text bigger. Drag the slider until the sample text is easy to read, then select Apply

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