How to Hide the Cortana Search Box on the Windows 10 Taskbar

Removing the Cortana Search Box from the Taskbar
Note that hiding the search box doesn’t actually disable Cortana — keep reading below for instructions on how to do that. This will simply hide the box from the Taskbar.

Simply right-click on any empty space on the taskbar, go to Search, and then change “Show search box” to either “Show Cortana icon” or “Hidden”.

Disabling Cortana
If you haven’t enabled Cortana, you’ll see the top of the box that looks like this when you click on the Search box and then click the Settings icon. Note that Cortana is Off. You can also turn off the online search and including Bing results when you search the Start Menu by flipping that switch off as well.

If you have already enabled Cortana, the settings dialog changes completely and is hidden beneath the Notebook icon — from here you can click on Settings.

Once you disable Cortana and Bing, you can then hide the icon.

If you encounter some difficulties following the steps above, considering you have already purchased Restoro or you are someone who is in need of assistance on your computer, please contact our support and they will be more than happy to assist you.


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