How to fix no sound on computer?

  • Check the hardware faulty


  1. Check the speaker on your computer.
  2. Check the headphone jack.
  3. Check the microphone or headphone.


If the hardware works properly after troubleshooting, but still no sound on your computer, you can check the audio settings in your computer.


  • Check the audio settings in your computer

Make sure your audio device is set as default


  1. Right click the “volume icon” at the bottom right corner, and click “Playback devices”.
  2. Check your audio device in the Playback tab. Make sure there is a green check next to your audio device.
  3. If your audio device is not the default device, select “your audio device”, and click “Set Default”. Then click “OK” to save.
  4. Test the computer to see whether there is any sound.


If you encounter some difficulties following the steps above, considering you have already purchased Restoro or you are someone who is in need of assistance on your computer, please contact our support and they will be more than happy to assist you.


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