How to Fix & Monitor the Windows 10 CPU Temperature Issue

#1 Using Power-Troubleshooter

  1. In search box, type troubleshooting and select it.

  2. At the left hand side, select View and then click Power-Troubleshooter.

Click next and follow the instructions.

Perform a Clean Boot

#2 Disabling unwanted apps to boot up along with Windows

Clean Boot disables all the apps that might start with Windows 10. It boots up with the core applications. Booting up of Windows 10 with more software installation and applications cause high CPU usage and high temperature too. So, uninstall unwanted software and applications.

  1. Press Windows+R key of keyboard and then type “msconfig“.

A window will appear that shows the system configuration and click on Services.

In Services tab reach, Hide all Microsoft services available at bottom and Click at Disable all button. Click on “Apply” and then “OK“.

2. It will ask for restarting the computer. You must restart the computer to bring the effect.

#3 Disable the services at the Windows startup

  1. Press Windows+R key consecutively and then type ‘msconfig‘.

  2. System Configuration window will appear, click on the Startup tab, and then open Task Manager

  3. Task Manager window opens, and reach over to the Startup tab

A list of applications and processes will appear that shows the startup with Windows 10. Select from them and disable services that you don’t want to carry at start up.

  1. Close the Task Manager and come back to System Configuration Window.

  2. Select “OK” and restart your computer.

#4 Cleaning your CPU fan or change it

The overheating problem is also sometimes caused due to the dust that sticks to the fan. You must clean it, or in some cases, you have to replace it completely.


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