How To Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error In Windows

If you are using Windows computer, especially Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10, you may
know about the DPC Watchdog Violation error as it has been becoming one of the most common
errors on the Windows platform.

  • Check Corrupted System Files On Your Windows
    Corrupted system files are one of many reasons that lead to this Blue Screen error. In order to fix
    the DPC_Watchdog_Violation error on your Windows computer, you should check and verify
    Windows system files to make sure they are not corrupted. If there were any problems with those
    files, the process will fix them automatically.
    To get started, open the Command Prompt program with administrative privileges. Next, in the
    Command Prompt program window, type:
    CHKDSK C: /F /R
    and then press Enter.

Because the currently drive C:\ is using by Windows system, that's why the "check disk" process
can't start. It will ask you to schedule the checking in the next time when your computer reboots.
If you agree, type Y and then press Enter.
After that, restart your computer.

  • Scan And Fix System Files
    Sometimes, scanning and fixing Windows system files will help to fix DPC Watchdog Violation
    error on your computer. In order to scan and fix system files, open the Command Prompt
    program as an administrator.
    Next, type:
    SFC /scannow
    and then press Enter.

It will automatically scan and fix errors in your Windows system. Wait for the process is
completed and then restart your computer.
Restore Your Windows System To Fix DPC_Watchdog_Violation Error


However considering you have already purchased Restoro and would like us to assist you in doing that utilizing a remote session, please contact our support and they will be happy to help you.


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