How to Fix 504 Gateway Timeout Errors

What does 504 gateway timeout mean?

When visiting a website, your server sends a request to another server where that site is hosted. This server — known as the "upstream server" — receives the request and responds with whatever resources are needed to load the website on your browser.

However, a 504 Gateway Timeout error means that your server didn't receive a quick enough response from the upstream server. Because its request timed out, your server is unable to load the web page and, ultimately, fulfill its role as a gateway — hence the name "Gateway Timeout" error.

You might be wondering what exactly causes the delay in the upstream server's response — and that's a good question. Let's address it below.

504 Gateway Timeout Causes

504 Gateway Timeout Errors are among the most frustrating HTTP status codes you can receive. They indicate what happened to your website, but they don’t tell you why it happened, making it challenging for you to pinpoint its cause and ultimately correct the issue.


1. Look for server connectivity issues.

If your server is down for maintenance or any other reason, then your website will likely serve visitors a 504 Gateway Timeout Error page. The only way to troubleshoot this issue is to wait for your server to finish maintenance or fix the problem causing the error.

2. Check for any DNS changes.

If you’ve recently changed hosting providers or moved your website to a different IP address, then your website’s DNS server will need to be updated. These DNS changes take a few hours to process so in the meantime your website might serve visitors a 504 Gateway Timeout Error page. The only solution is to sit tight while these DNS changes take effect.

3. Sift through your logs.

If the problem is not your server's connection or DNS information, then check out your server logs. These logs provide details about your server’s health and status. Sifting through them may uncover other issues that could be causing a 504 error.

4. Fix faulty firewall configurations.

A faulty firewall configuration may be the reason behind your 504 Gateway Timeout Error. To rule it out as the cause, you can temporarily deactivate your firewall.

If your device runs on Windows, then navigate to your control panel and click Update & Security Windows Security Virus & Threat Protection Manage Settings. On this settings page, you can deactivate your firewall.

If your device runs on Mac OS, then simply navigate to System Preferences Security & Privacy Firewall to deactivate it.

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