How to change the Windows 11 Start Menu Color

The Start menu and taskbar will be dark blue by default, but you don’t have to stick with that. Windows 11’s Settings app includes a color palette you can select a variety of different colors with. You can change the Start menu’s color with that palette as follows.

  1. First, select Settings on the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings’ Personalization tab.
  3. Click Colors on that tab to bring up the options
  4. Windows grays out The Show accent color on Start and taskbar option when the White mode option is selected. So, you’ll need to select the Dark setting on the Choose your mode drop-down menu.
  5. Then select the Show accent color on Start and taskbar setting.
  6. Double-click Accent color to expand its palette.
  7. Then choose a different color for the Start menu and taskbar there.
  8. You can open a bigger color palette by clicking the View colors option.
  9. Left-click and drag the little circle on that palette to choose a different color with it, and press the Done button.

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