How can I locate a missing files on my computer

Lost files might have accidentally or intentionally deleted.
To check your deleted items in the Recycle Bin
Windows 10
If your desktop shows no icons at all, right-click (or press and hold) the desktop and select View
If Show desktop icons has no checkmark, click it to add one. 
If that doesn't work, try this:
Select Start  > Settings  > Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings.
Make sure the check box for Recycle Bin is checked, then select OK. You should see the icon displayed on your desktop. 
Note: If you are in tablet mode, desktop icons are not displayed. To see your desktop icons in tablet mode, go to Start  > Settings  > System > Tablet Mode. Hide app icons on the taskbar in tablet mode and Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode should be turned off. 
However considering you have already purchased Restoro and would like us to assist you in doing that utilizing a remote session, please contact our support and we are happy to help you.
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