Fix Windows 10 Activation error 0x87e10bc6

After purchasing your Windows 10 license, you need to validate your product key to register your OS. The validation process goes through the Activation Server of Microsoft. If Windows has trouble connecting to the server, activation will fail and show the error code: 0x87e10bc6.

The full error message reads “Something prevented us from communicating with our activation servers. Wait a few minutes and then try again. Error code: 0x87e10bc6”.  If you are facing difficulty activating Windows 10 license, here is how to troubleshooter the error.

1. Temporary Error

At times, it may not be the issue with your system but on Microsoft’s end. If the activation servers are down for maintenance, the activation may fail.

First, restart your PC and try to activate the license. If it does not work, wait for a few minutes and try again.

2. Update Windows 10

Users have reported that installing pending updates for the Windows OS has fixed the issue and allowed for successful activation. Check for any pending updates for Windows and install it.

a. Click on Start and select Settings

b. Click on Update and Security.

c. Under Windows Update, click on Check for Updates.

d. Let Windows download and install any pending updates.

e. Reboot the system and try to activate the license again.

3. Run Activation Troubleshooter

If you are unable to activate Windows 10, the Activation troubleshooter can help. Windows comes with a built-in Troubleshooter that you can use to detect any activation related issues.

Note: To use the Activation troubleshooter you need to sign in as the Administrator.

a. Click on the Start button and select Settings.

b. Click on Update and Security.

c. From the left pane, click on Activation.

d. Select Troubleshoot and follow the on-screen instructions.

e. When the troubleshooter is complete, select Go to Microsoft Store. It will launch Microsoft Store App, and you should see a Thank you message for activating Windows 10.

4. Check your Firewall

If you have a third-party Firewall installed, it is possible that the Firewall is blocking the connection to the server. You can try disabling the Firewall temporarily just to activate the Windows 10.

To do this launch your Antivirus solutions and disable Firewall.


If you encounter some difficulties following the steps above, considering you have already purchased Restoro or you are someone who is in need of assistance on your computer, please contact our support and they will be more than happy to assist you.


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